Friday, January 27

Sailing_:Tien Ho at the mooring

Getting ready for a sail on a blustery day. This picture was taken a number of years ago when we were both younger and more nimble. The boat is now for sale as we have moved up to one with full standing headroom. We will get some pictures of the new boat up sometime. We had a lot of fun on Tien Ho-did some cruising and a lot of day sails in Buzzards Bay. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 26


Here we go on a new adventure. This is of course the anniversary of last years scare and I am happy to say that all is well this year and I am in good health.

On the homebrewing Front, last Monday I put up 54 bottles of Irish Cream Stout. It should be ready for St. Patrick's day. The initial tasting after fermentation, showed some chocolate overtures in a nice Black Stout. It should be one of my best brews. This was the second brewing in 2005. Timothy helped, gave me moral support, over Christmas.

I plan to use this site to discuss our latest adventures and post some pictures to go along with the words. I hope you come to visit often, your comments are always welcome as well as your suggestions. I have left the comment section open, although I do have some control on what is published. If you prefer that only I read your coments, please post that at the beginning of your coments as everyone else will be able to read.

The adventures for this year are:

Sean's & Nicole's wedding on August 5.

Travel Plans for 2007

Sailing adventures

Hiking & Geocaching adventures

That should be enough to get started