Thursday, January 26


Here we go on a new adventure. This is of course the anniversary of last years scare and I am happy to say that all is well this year and I am in good health.

On the homebrewing Front, last Monday I put up 54 bottles of Irish Cream Stout. It should be ready for St. Patrick's day. The initial tasting after fermentation, showed some chocolate overtures in a nice Black Stout. It should be one of my best brews. This was the second brewing in 2005. Timothy helped, gave me moral support, over Christmas.

I plan to use this site to discuss our latest adventures and post some pictures to go along with the words. I hope you come to visit often, your comments are always welcome as well as your suggestions. I have left the comment section open, although I do have some control on what is published. If you prefer that only I read your coments, please post that at the beginning of your coments as everyone else will be able to read.

The adventures for this year are:

Sean's & Nicole's wedding on August 5.

Travel Plans for 2007

Sailing adventures

Hiking & Geocaching adventures

That should be enough to get started


E. said...

Good work Joe. I am impressed.

bigbrother said...

top notch blogging we were happy to be included.

Sean & Nicole