Saturday, February 11

Weather_: Impending Snow Storm

The Snow Stick is out and awaiting the coming snow storm. We awoke this morning to clear blue skies with the sun up and shining. It is still sunny but the clouds are starting to come in. The prediction is for 10 to 14 inches tomorrow morning with 3 to 4 this evening. This is the first major snowstorm of 2006 and the weathermen are going to town with dire predictions for high wind and mucho snow. We are wondering how much hype this is and how much we are actually going to get.

I was hoping that the storm was going to track further to the East, but it does seem that it is coming closer. In which case we will get more snow. I have one of the kids down the street coming to dig us out. I do not want to worry anyone thinking that I will be out shoveling-may be the front step. If you would like a serious weather discussion of this storm and the weather for the rest of February check out . I did not have a measuring stick last year but you should be able to get an idea of the depth from looking at the triceretops. Click on the thumnail for a better view. I need to go out now and bring in some wood so we can stay warm during the power outage. Luckly the family room is being heated with a gas wood stove and is unaffected by the loss of electricity. Have a nice day.

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