Thursday, March 30

Vacation_:St. John Here We Come

A view from Tim's house on St. Thomas Posted by Picasa

Well we have done it!!

We have booked "Paradise Revisited" for the first week of March 2007. If you visit my link section you can open the link and view the house that we are going to be spending 8 days in. The view above was taken from Tim's porch in St. Thomas looking west. Every morning that Tim got up and headed off to work he had to look out at this view. When he was there for 2 years he told me he had to leave- nothing to do, boring, no where to go. He really needed to leave. Now when we ask him about St. Thomas vs. Delray, he has only fond memories of his 2 years and now plots and plans to return. We will probably be going back before him, (although I have heard a rumor that Carol at Crowne Bay has put in a request for his return for brief period of time).

The weather was a little hazy when I took this shot and it would be easier if you enlarged the picture to see the islands.( click on it and it should pop up) Starting from the left- The dark island is Jos Van Dyke and the next large one in the haze is Tortola. Both in the BVI's, (British Virgin Islands). In the haze on the very right is St. John. The nice blue water just below us is Magen's Bay. If you look up on the hills above Magen's , where the houses are and then to the little hills beyond them,( still a part of St. Thomas and then look a little to the left you will see 2 small islands one of which is Congo Cay a really great snorkleing spot. The other island is Lovengo. Local history has it that this island originally had a brothel on it and that is where the name came from- Love N Go.

If we rent a boat, we will go to Congo Cay, Jost van Dyke, ( to clear customs entering BVI and have a Pain Killer at Foxy's), Sandy Cay, and the Indians for snorkeling. Although with over 30 beaches on St John, there may not be the need to leave the island.

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