Sunday, October 7

The Annual USCGAA Fishing Tournament took place on October 6, 2007 under blue skies and some light fog. I fished on the "Patricia Ann" with John & Trish Bock. The 2 other boats that participated "Osprey" with Mimi & John, Mark Leonard and Bill Jordan, "Our Pleasure" Nick Golio & Peter Miller. "My Mercedes" dnf'd due to the first mate being stuck in Arruba. Peter & Nick took top honors for the most fish caught . We came in second with the 2 I caught (more weight than the "Ospreys 2 legal fish, Jordan tried to sneak in a day old one).

I have one objection to the prize situation.
  • 1st Place A scale
  • 2nd Place Nada
  • 3rd Place Kid's fishing kit
  • Biggest Fish holder for Grill
  • DNF Fishing Net

What happened to second place awards?? We certainly did better than the DNF'r Something to be considered for future events. You can check the link section for the rest of the pictures.
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