Monday, April 21

I had this old Seagull outboard kicking around the basement for I figure at least 20 years. John Mason had given it to me to put up on the wall with some other relics at Edey & Duff when I worked there. I did not think that a motor fitted in with sailing hardware, so I kept it in the basement. This year I decided that I would try to get it going and sell it, or take it to the dump. I am trying to raise money to buy another short shaft outboard for the new inflatable I am planning on buying this spring. Quite a bit of rust had found its way onto various parts,but after a lot of WD40 I was finally able to remove the sparkplug. I also loosened up all the brackets in the same way. Bought a new plug and gas and this weekend took the engine outside and put it in a tank. Pulled, and pulled, and zip. The owners manual says that you should never have to attempt to start it more than 4 timesor you will end fouling the plug and flooding it. So when I pulled the plug I found it was clean and no burning. Cleaned out the gas line and I was sure I was getting gas into the cylinder but no spark. Went back on line and found a site that suggested spinning the engine with an electric drill for 10 minutes to excite the coil. Also to adjust the points and reset them. Did that and opened the throttle, pulled the cord, and Ta da, it stated on the first pull. So it is pumping water, goes into gear and the prop turns and pushes a lot of water out. Now I have to find a buyer.

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