Sunday, June 8

Back in the Water

We are in the water. It's tough to tell the difference but we have a new dodger and sailcover. I think it makes the boat look a lot better. The sailcover actually fits this time and is easy to put on. The dodger is about 8 inches lower than the previous one that came with the boat. Both were built by Sperry Sails here in Marion. Ben Sperry built them this past winter and did a really nice job. Ellen can see over it now and the glass is clear so you can actually see out of it. On the old one we always had to open the center portion to see where we were going. Now we have protection and visibility. Norm Methot also built us a new shelf for little stuff that sits under the Depth/Speedo instruments. Looks like it was a part of the original boat and takes care of car keys, cell phone and other small stuff that we want to get out of our pockets. Certainly one of the best additions we have installed. I have also added a davit (removable), for lifting the outboard out of the inflatable, so we will only be towing the inflatable. I am selling the hard dinghy that I put together while still at Edey & Duff. Any one looking for a nice little 8' row boat let me know.

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