Thursday, September 18

Fishing with Tim

Tim Came home for a weekend visit in August and we took him sailing to Tarpaulin Cove on Naushon Island for an overnight. We left on Friday, August 22, in the mid-morning and had a nice breeze, on the nose of course all the way across the bay to Woods Hole. Had to make a couple of tacks to clear Penzance Point to get into the passage. Current was running with us and Tim took us through without any trouble and then down Vineyard sound to the cove. We dropped the hook and took the dinghy ashore so Nell could pee & poop. Can't get her do do it onboard the boat so I run her in, in the morning, before we go to bed, before we get underway. Ellen & Neilli walked the beach while Tim & I walked around the shore and then up to the lighthouse. We had a nice view down the sound and then returned to the boat for cocktails, fishing off the stern, and a wonderful Swordfish dinner. The next morning we got up, I took the dog ashore of course,came back and had breakfast, we all went for a swim, some briefly, I to scrub the bottom, (the water was some chilly, colder than Flathead Lake)and without any wind cranked up the engine and headed home. We took a swing into Little harbor to check the remodeled Christian Homestead before heading back through the Hole into Buzzards Bay. Did not put the sails up until just off Cleveland's Ledge. Tim trolled all the way but never got a bite. Sunday we had a cookout with horseshoes in the backyard and on Monday he headed back to Florida.
Father's Day Present

Phase 2 of this took place the weekend of Sept 13 when, as part of a father's day present, I received a round trip air plane trip to Delray Beach for a weekend of fishing. Having only been to Florida in the winter, I had no idea how hot and muggy it could be in September. Friday we went to the International Fishing Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale. We saw John Mason's old boss's, (Frank Mather from the Woods Hole Oceanographic), fishing jacket and portrait. Lots of fish models hanging from the ceiling and exhibits to browse. Went out to lunch and went home to get ready for Saturday's fishing adventure. Tim's original plan was to take me fishing on his boat, but he was having problems with the engine. So we ended going on Option C. Option B was a friends boat, but the galley was torn up, Option D was a Head Boat which I am glad we did not use. We went out on the Venture Out II, a Blackfish 29, with Capt. Rex and Mate Jaime. We left the dock at a little after 8am and headed out into the Atlantic. Caught a couple small Skipjack Tuna on the way out. Jaime heard reports that their were Dolphin out around the 600 foot mark so we headed to deep water but found nothing so we headed back towards shore. I thought that it was interesting that all the communication was by cell phone. We would hook up and the phone would start ringing. It would be other mates noting that we had stopped and asking what we were catching and how it was going. Used to be tons of chatter on the VHF radios but now it is all by cell. It's also more private. It was a good thing we were on the bigger boat because it was still lumpy from the Hurricane. It was off the Ritz where we really got into the fish. We had been towing a lure that was held down to about 30 feet with a plane devise on wire line. This was for the illusive Wahoo. That line went off and immediately one of the outrigger lines went off and I was struggling with the wire and Tim was on a Dolphin. We finally got both fish in, mine ended up being the largest for the day. After that it was more Black fish Tuna and more Dolphin. Joe with Tuna

Jaime's laughing because the fish was some slippery and did not want to be held

We had decided to go in around noon but the skipper kept us out until 1pm. Just as we were getting ready to head home both rods went off and Tim & I had fish on. But they wrapped the lines and both broke off. It certainly was the best fishing that I have ever had. 5 Dolphin, 11 Blackfish Tuna, 2 Skipjack Tuna and a couple of undersize Dolphin which wee returned.

Sunday Tim had friends over for a cookout and we smoked a bunch of fish. Altogether a great weekend and I headed back home on Monday. You can check out the fishes we caught in my stuff section. just click on Fishing with Tim will take you to the album.


Joe said...

I have corrected the mis-spelling of Nell's name and added a few commas I missed.

gza505 said...

I'm extremely disappointed that I was not invited to this fishing excursion, I shall take it out on your second born.