Sunday, June 27

Heading for Buchanan, VA

Tomorrow Sean, Ellen & I head off for Buchanan, VA to join up with Tim who is on the Appalachian Trail heading north. He will have done about 747 miles when we meet up with him tomorrow. The three of us will be on the trail on Tuesday,  and Ellen will be headed off to spend some time at a B&B with Llamas and if her luck holds she might actually  be able to do a little trekking with one. I will get some pictures and get them posted probably after we get home. The picture above was taken in March, on our way back from Florida. The leaves should be out now, so hopefully we will get some good views. We are hoping for cool dry weather and get out of these muggies, here in New England. The trail follows the Blue Ridge Parkway and as we leave Buchanan we will be climbing up to 4,200 feet going over Apple Orchard Mountain and then down thru the Guillotine. From there it is mostly down hill to the James River, where we get to cross the longest foot bridge on the trail and then back up to  Buena Vista, VA. That would put us about 50 miles from Buchanan and that would be my goal for this trip. So wish us well and we will be in touch.

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