Saturday, June 1

Travel by picture

I am going to try to bring you to where we are by just posting some of the pictures of the places we have been and things we have seen. I will try to put a short explanation below the photographs.

This was a replication of the tile flor in St. Patrick'sCathedral

Croagh Patrick

Sheep in the road. They get out of the way pretty fast so it's just a matter of slowing down a bit.

Fixer upper

Feasting on Prawns. We ave been feasting on a lot of different meals. lots of fish for me. The Atlantic seafood Chowder has been especially good. Bill Jordan who makes a good fish chowder could take note. The last one i ate had mussels, salmon, shrimp, clams, white fish and was really good. Ellen's prawns were very good. I was allowed to taste one.

Wildflowers are out.  

Ballyconeely. This is still in the Roundstone area.  We were told that there were a lot of Keogh's here and they also own the pub in Kinvera which we will see later on. Was not crowded the night we ate dinner there.

Ivy Rock B&B Roundstone

View from Ivy Rock looking towards Inisheer.  You can just see the bridge going to the island.

O'Dowds pub Roundstone. Good meals!!

My new hat and the Giant of Connemara heading towards Kinvara.

Lunch spot in Kinvara and then onto the Castle DunGuaire for our Medieval Banquet. The food was really good, as was the evenings entertainment. We were welcomed into the castle with a mug of mead and then climbed a circular stair to the banquet hall.

Wild flowers growing in the castle wall

Another castle we came upon. We passed a few that there was no place to stop and take a picture which was disappointing, but they are really dramatic when you are driving along and one pops into view. I am going to leave you here in Kinvara, while I write up our trip through the Burren and our visit to the cliffs of Moher.


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