Tuesday, February 28

Home_: Heading South

Well it is 7 degrees outside this morning . Second day in a row the temperature is in single digits and it has been 5 days of very cold, windy weather. We will be flying South on Friday to visit Tim and Cis & David in Naples. I have my geocaches all planned and we will be spending a good bit of time outside. It seems of late that we are doing more Geocaching in Florida than up here in Massachusetts. I hope to be able to post some pictures of our adventures after we get to Naples,( and a computer). So I would ask you all to check back in occasionally.

Last year, after watching Survivor, at our friends farm, we decided to drive to Providence. It had started to snow, so we thought that it would be better & safer to be at the airport for the night rather than chance the drive in the morning. It worked out well although the drive in the snowstorm was a bit hairy at times. I was glad we had new tires on the car. This year we will be going over to the farm to drop off Neilli and watch Survivor on Thursday night. The prediction for Thursday is Snow .

The prediction for this year is that the snow is going to stop by 7 pm and we have a later flight so we will stay home and drive in on Friday morning. Stay Warm

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