Tuesday, February 14

Weather_: After the Storm

6 inches-Certainly less than the 18 to 20 inches predicted. We had the wind. I saw reports at the Buzzards Bay bouy of winds in excess of 50 mph and seas running over 7 feet. The storm came in at low tide for us, which means that there wasn't much erosion. We don't get a lot of erosion in the Bay anyway. We had a minimal power outage and no basement flooding. For a comparison to the previous post the Triceretops nostrils are at 22". They are the yellow dots that show in both pictures if you look closely. It is sunny again today. Temperatures are supposed to be back up in the 50's tomorrow. Have a nice day.Posted by Picasa


TallerBrother said...

Nice Use of the Dino-Stick - You have out done yourself again. Glad to hear your not the one cleaning that driveway.

ellen said...

I may change my #1