Thursday, January 11

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Well good readers it has been a while since I posted anything. I had plans to tell you about our summer cruises on Branwyn, Sean's & Nicole"s wedding in Westport, climbing Mooselauke and North Kinsman in New Hampshire, and hiking with the AMC in the Blue Hills, but everything sort of ran together and here we are in January of 2007. I would like to say that the reason this so late is because I had a broken arm, but it turns out it is my right leg. You will have to wait for that story.

We did a lot of work on the boat over the winter. I stripped the bottom and barrier coated and bottom painted the hull. That should take care of the major bottom work for the next 10 years and protect the hull. We had the injectors rebuilt. I varnished the topside wood and oiled the whole interior. We had new sails made and all seemed set to go. The boat was launched in early June, but we couldn't start the engine. After numerous trips out to the mooring my mechanic determined that the engine needed to be rebuilt. When he told me that we wouldn't have the boat until the middle of August, I got a second opinion. The head mechanic at Burrs, thought it was just valves and timing. So they sent the injectors back out and when they put them back in and adjusted the timing the engine wouldn't start. They found that the exhaust was completely closed up. New exhaust system, muffler, and we were underway. The first sail of the summer took place on July 30. We had a great sail with Sean, Nicole, Norm, Sandy & Ellen. The water was warm enough that we all went for a swim off the boat.
Everyone had a problem getting over the bar on the stern pulpit when getting back in the boat. So I cut it off. I am going to have to do a little reinforcing this year to make it stronger but it should make it a lot easier getting up the ladder and into the boat. We never went overnite this year. never had the time. Made it once to Quisett for lunch. Other than that daysail out into the bay. The new sails work really great. The boat moves along quite nicely. Much better than with the bags that came with the boat. The boat is now comfortably tucked away in the front yard. All covered up and awaiting some spring time varnish. The only plans for this year will be a new VHF and a new boom cover. Should be in the water for the first of June. With that we will put the boat away and get ready for the next update.

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