Tuesday, January 23


Last night we finally had our first measurable, stick on the ground snow. We got all of 1 inch. The plows were out sanding & clearing the rosds. We must have a lot of extra money in the budget. The harbor is beginning to ice up around the edges but it will take more really cold days and nights to completely freeze over. I will be putting out the triceratops snow measuring device this week. Pictures to follow if we get some blizzards or a lot of media hype. I was beginning to think that we were going to escape snow this year. Yesterday, if you have forgotten was the big storm of 2005, 22 inches in Marion, and over 3 feet on our porch roof. Today would have been the day that Ellen & I shoveled out the driveway. A nice sunny day as I remember. And actually it is clear skies and sun today. I am officially off the crutches, but still in the boot for 2 more weeks. I am glad that we did not have snow or ice for the last six weeks. It certainly would have made my getting around more difficult.

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