Monday, March 8

Continuing South

The Lady of the House-Hampton Plantation

Now that we are back from the beach, we can again take up our journey south to Delray Beach. I would say though,that today the sun was out , the sky was blue, a light breeze was blowing out of the north, temperature around 66, but the water was still a little cold for anything more than wadding. A nice day to sit on the beach and read.
Before we got to Charleston we stopped at the Hampton Plantation for lunch. We were too late for the tour but we had a pleasant walk on the grounds.

Oaks & Moss at Hampton Plantation

Saw the tree that George Washington was reported to have saved. Took some pictures and continued on our way. David Bishop purchased a new GPS for his new car and gave me his old one, which I have to say has been a real godsend. For some reason the maps I thought I had downloaded into my handheld for this trip, ended up going somewhere else. So we are really grateful for David's gift. We breezed Through Charleston crossing over the Broad River on one of those new suspension bridges and continued south on 17 to Hilton Head Plantation. We arrived at the Watts home and were greeted by Alex And Katy, got a hug from Lindsay and a glass of Sierra Nevada from John. The Sierra Nevada came in a growler.

John and Lindsay,Katy and Alex

This is something we definitely need in Massachusetts. John got his at the Lodge, I believe, where they have over 20 craft beers on tap. You make your choice, either buy a growler or use your own, and have it filled. When we visited Missoula Sean took me to a brewery that put up beer in growlers, but it was only their beer. John cooked dinner for us, roasted red potatoes, fresh salad and grilled marinated flank steak, which was absolutely delicious. It was early to bed, the Watts needed to get off to school and work on Monday and we to continue south to St. Augustine.

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